Establishing your initial Web Presence

What do we mean by "entry-level websites"? Probably a static website, with a single-figure number of pages and a fairly simple design. Yes, you could build it yourself, but for a couple of hundred pounds we can do all the coding for you and produce something that's professional, either to your design, or to one that we can produce for you for an additional fee - we can also host it for you at a reasonable annual rate, as we are resellers for FastHosts, one of the UK's leading hosting companies.

Yes, people produce websites for less than this but you're going to end up (very obviously) sharing a template with fifteen hundred other people or it'll be knocked together by someone who doesn't really have the experience to do it to a professional standard, and you'll probably regret it the moment you need an update.

Although we specialise in somewhat larger projects, we've designed and build professional, distinctive sites for a variety of small clients, including CitiWorks, Cotswold Business Mentor, JC Aldridge, Let's Negotiate and Post Box Music. Up to ten pages with a traditional navigation and layout and you're up and running - and we will build it in such a way that you can update the text and images yourself using little more skill than is required to create a Word document.

We specialise in working with musicians - Rich spends some of his time as a vocalist, notably with rock band, Also Eden. Yes, that's one of our designs.