Fully-Featured Bespoke Web Development

This is where websites become really exciting and where the sky is the limit. Welcome to the world of fully-featured, database-driven, dynamic websites. The developments in internet technology over the last few years have been nothing short of phenomenal and your site need only be limited by your imagination.

In the earlier days of the web, the more expensive sites could be detected by their proliferation of largely pointless and bandwidth-hogging bells and whistles. All very pretty but not at all productive. Now the focus is on sites that enable better contact with customers and, increasingly, employees and partners.

A classic example of the latter are the sites we've produced for Frontline Network Services. The public area of the site is straightforward enough, giving the usual company details and information, all remotely configurable and updateable via a secure administration area. Behind the scenes is an area that allows secure access to important documents for Frontline's partners, again remotely administerable.

This site is itself built using our core administration utility, recently upgraded from ASP to PHP and now capable of running in multiple languages - as you'll see from the location bar, it runs in a single page, driven from a database and boasting a simple to use page template system. We increment the functionality of this system with every customer request and will be adding further details of this and the kinds of interactive, dynamic additions that you might consider for your website in a new area of this site soon.

Other customers using our Content Management System include Verglas, The 3P Company, Patrick Pinker Game Farm and Fyrefli