Site Maintenance & Updates

We know how it goes - you're full of enthusiasm for your new enterprise and you get heavily involved with your website and then it just sits there, stagnating. Don't worry - we can get you moving again.

Maybe you're working to a budget and you need your site updated with the minimum of expenditure - no problem! We can update your content and advise on strategies to get more out of your website and, from there, if you need to go further you can decide the most cost-effective areas to tackle first.

Maybe your original design company isn't around any more or you want a fresh approach? We work with the full range of web technologies, so give us a call and we'll be able to work on your site, no matter whether it's written in ASP, JSP, PHP, Cold Fusion or even good old Perl CGI. Stuck with an iHTML website? Most people won't even know what you're talking about; we do.

For instance, we collaborate on a regular basis with du Pré PLC - they do the static HTML pages and we write the code for their interactive sections, such as the Premium Rate Number cost calculator, the Dialling Code finder etc.

And if your site's broken and in need of a quick repair, let us know and we'll attend to it asap - we might not even ask who broke it! Seriously - someone broke Quintons site, which we'd never seen before, in a fairly major-league style and, after a bit of rooting around in the cgi-bin, we had it up and running in hours!