VB / VBA Programming

The majority of Rich's own working time prior to forming the company was spent providing bespoke business solutions in Microsoft Office. We are thus highly experienced in delivering, to order and in good time, everything from simple spreadsheets to complex, cross-application solutions. Rich's personal grounding in applied statistics and management background have been proven to stand us in good stead when producing tools that give you the information you need in a format you can use. No job is too small.

We also have experience in constructing both commercial and non-commercial stand-alone applications using Visual Basic (the eGroup Quote Engine is written in VB6 and now delivers c.1,000,000 quotes per day, at an average of around 1s per quote), plus mini-applications utilising Access front ends.

We are currently engaged in supporting and further developing the Value Management Toolset and Balanced Scorecard of Impact Dynamics Ltd.

Previous clients have included British Telecommunications PLC, Schneider Power and The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Larger projects can also be accommodated but please note that we do not act as an agency for the supply of on-site contractors.

A lot of our more recent VB work has been inextricably linked with our websites, as we have significant experience in Active Server Pages (both ASP and ASP.net) and VB component-oriented solutions.